Q&A regarding HW V through emails.

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Q&A regarding HW V through emails.

Taeho Kim
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These were Q&A's through emails:

Q: I am having trouble remembering how to calculate the quantile for a t type confidence interval.

A: t-quantile has two indices: confidence level and degrees of freedom.
The first one is either 90%, 95% and 99% and the second one is just the sample size minus one, (n-1).
Once you figure out the indices, then you can use this t-table.
(This is the table I distributed in the class and you can find it on the course web-page as well.)
Anyway, the left hand side margin is about the degrees of freedom (df)  
and the lower margin is about the confidence level.
By crossing out these two, the quantile can be obtained.

Q: I was wondering if you could clarify what you would like for #3 part 1. Are we supposed to use R Studio? Do you want a plot in our answer? I am also having trouble getting the data into R Studio.

A: You can check qq-plot from the RStudio.
Don't waste your time on typing the data by hands.
Just copy and paste into RStudio as follows:
mydata<-c("the actual data")
(I showed you this in the class on Thursday.)
Then, use
Those commands would give you the qq-plot for the answer.